Dr. Mark D. Cain

Christmas: Why This Way?

New Testament Christianity is a faith worth believing.

The Best IS Coming

Live today ALIVE = Always Living In View of Eternity.

Both / And

Because God is ... You can ... with true hopefulness.

Fulfill Your Calling

Jesus wants you to be ... you-ier!

Safety From The Serpent

Reformation Sunday

HeartStyle First

You cannot understand the human being [yourself or others] without understanding the heart [in the Bible]. Paul Tripp

The door of your circumstances can turn on the "hinge of hope,"

Assurance of eternal life is not rooted in your ability to hold on, but in God's faithfulness to keep a promise.

Jesus expects us all to be engaged in taking Him to all peoples.

Faith is believing that God is purposefully and lovingly at work even when I can't figure our how.

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