Dr. Mark D. Cain

Take Care How You Listen

The condition of your heart determines your growth from the Word.

To know the hugeness of your sins forgiven propels the greatness of your love for the Forgiver.

Does It Really Matter?

Only the real Jesus of the Bible can meet the real needs of your life.

The Invitation: "Walk With Me"

Remember both what Jesus saved you FROM and what Jesus saves you FOR = To walk with Him.

What Did You Expect?

If you don't know what Jesus says He came to do, you might be set up for disappointment with what He does.

God Draws Near

... and it all centers around Jesus!

For spiritual vitality engage in "biblical CPR."

God's extraordinary promises come to the ordinaries among us.

Christmas: Why This Way?

New Testament Christianity is a faith worth believing.

The Best IS Coming

Live today ALIVE = Always Living In View of Eternity.

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