Dr. Mark D. Cain

Bible mysteries are not due to the absence of meaning, but from the presence of more meaning than our human minds can comprehend.

If God asks you "Why should I let you into My heaven?" what would you say?

Faith continues to ask, fueled by confidence in the special relationship with God.

God rejoices when sinners repent - do you?

Cultivate an honest relationship with your Living Savior.

Four times a day this next week ask yourself: Who is really in the driver's seat of my life right now?

What About Jesus' Power Today?

What is one practical step you can take to personally pursue the Bible's pathway to power in your Christian life?

Take Care How You Listen

The condition of your heart determines your growth from the Word.

To know the hugeness of your sins forgiven propels the greatness of your love for the Forgiver.

Does It Really Matter?

Only the real Jesus of the Bible can meet the real needs of your life.

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