Dr. Mark D. Cain

God is providentially behind the scenes, directing the scenes He is behind.

Transforming Truth

Renewing your mind, to be living God's truth.

God's BIG LESSON For Us: Jesus came to save you from your sins, because He is saving you for Himself.

A verse to 'catch' on: Matthew 1:21 - She will bear a son; and you shall call His name Jesus, for He will save His people from their sins.

Pursuing Practical Praise: Why & How

You experience God's energizing joy as you express admiration OF God TO God.

How do you sustain a relationship with a Being so different from any other, imperceptible by the five senses? - Philip Yancey

Life with Jesus now is Jesus in your life by the gift of the Holy Spirit.

Heaven is to be not only your destination someday but your motivation this day.

God's Energizing Word

Because only the Bible is what it is, only the Bible can do what it can do...

Lord, put on my heart what is on Your heart, so that I might do what You would have me do.

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